Taylor Creek Sailing Trip

For the last weekend in July, the weather was perfect.  The first 3 weeks in July it been hot and humid in Eastern North Carolina.  A cold front push down from Canada and brought cooler temperatures and lower humid to Eastern North Carolina.  The lows for the weekends were forecast to be in high sixties.  The daytime highs was mid-eighties.  It felt more like late … Continue reading Taylor Creek Sailing Trip

The eve of Christmas Eve 2017

Wow, what a weekend!  It was 74 degrees today on the 23rd of December.  Cathy and Will wanted  to go for a bike ride to Beaufort and visit the “Mill Whistle Brewing“.  I thought it would be a nice day to take the dogs out for a walk at the coast.  So we compromise, they took the bike and we took the truck.  Michele, Cathy, and … Continue reading The eve of Christmas Eve 2017