January 4th and 5th the Earth closest to the Sun

On January 4th and 5th, the Earth was the closest to the Sun.  How close?  The  Earth was roughly 3 million miles closer (or 5 million km) to the Sun than it is in early July. I used the Nikon D7100 Camera with Nikon DX AF-S Nikkor 50mm |1.8 G lens and the iPhone 7plus camera. January 4th: All the photographs were taken in Bridgeton … Continue reading January 4th and 5th the Earth closest to the Sun

Hunter’s Moon

October’s full moon is known as the Hunter’s Moon, though it has many other nicknames by different cultures. It is also the smallest moon of the year. The moon in October goes by many difference names depending your location. Traditional names for the full moon often reflect local environment and history. Example: Old Farmer’s Almanac, because that moon occurs when the season for hunting many … Continue reading Hunter’s Moon

Atlantic Beach, North Carolina

For the first week of October, it been warm, correction, very warm in Eastern North Carolina. The entire Southeast of the United States been in a massive heat wave. So on Thursday, the 3rd of October, I took the dogs to beach when my wife got off work. The water temperature at Atlantic Beach is still in the 80’s (81 degrees). The good news, the … Continue reading Atlantic Beach, North Carolina

Taylor Creek Sailing Trip

For the last weekend in July, the weather was perfect.  The first 3 weeks in July it been hot and humid in Eastern North Carolina.  A cold front push down from Canada and brought cooler temperatures and lower humid to Eastern North Carolina.  The lows for the weekends were forecast to be in high sixties.  The daytime highs was mid-eighties.  It felt more like late … Continue reading Taylor Creek Sailing Trip