Beaver Moon and the Transit of Mercury

The Full Moon in November is called the Beaver Moon, because of the Old Farmer’s Almanac state that is when the eponymous animals become active to prepare for winter. What is eponymous?  Eponym refers to a name being the source of terms for other things; such as, nations, tribes, places, animals, social nomenclature. For the sunrise pictures, I used my Nikon D7100 with the Nikon … Continue reading Beaver Moon and the Transit of Mercury

Atlantic Beach, North Carolina

For the first week of October, it been warm, correction, very warm in Eastern North Carolina. The entire Southeast of the United States been in a massive heat wave. So on Thursday, the 3rd of October, I took the dogs to beach when my wife got off work. The water temperature at Atlantic Beach is still in the 80’s (81 degrees). The good news, the … Continue reading Atlantic Beach, North Carolina

Nags Head, North Carolina

Michele and I went a weekend getaway for our 29th Anniversary. Because weather forecast was calling cooler temperatures, we decided on weekend getaway to the Outer Banks. It been 18 years since we stay at Nags Head. In the past, we alway went to Hattera or Ocracoke Island, but because of Hurricane Dorian Ocracoke Island is close. The eye for the storm went right over … Continue reading Nags Head, North Carolina

Taylor Creek Sailing Trip

For the last weekend in July, the weather was perfect.  The first 3 weeks in July it been hot and humid in Eastern North Carolina.  A cold front push down from Canada and brought cooler temperatures and lower humid to Eastern North Carolina.  The lows for the weekends were forecast to be in high sixties.  The daytime highs was mid-eighties.  It felt more like late … Continue reading Taylor Creek Sailing Trip

Followup on Strawberry Moon in June

Over the weekend there was a Full Moon on Sunday and Monday, June 16th and 17th. On both June 16 and 17, 2019, the moon will appear full to the eye as it shines close to the king planet Jupiter all night long.  I didn’t get a change to witness the moonrise over the horizon on Sunday. We had a busy weekend.  I was hoping … Continue reading Followup on Strawberry Moon in June

Mother’s Day Weekend 2019

May 12th was Mother’s Day in U.S.A.  It’s not a real holiday, just some holiday to make money.  It was nice that my boys came to New Bern to spend Mother’s Day with their mama. Latitude: 34° 41′ 45.132″ N / Longitude: 76° 43′ 7.992″ W The weather was perfect.  The water temperature was warm 75 and the air temperature a comfortable 85.  As you … Continue reading Mother’s Day Weekend 2019

April practice, practice, and more practice

In April, I starting practicing taking random picture in my back yard, of sunsets, and moon rise.  My wife said to me, don’t you get bore taking pictures of sunrise and sunset.  I said no, each one is difference and ‘m practicing using my camera. As Joe Edelman stated on his blog “The BEST way to Dramatically Improve your Photography Skills – Photography Techniques” The … Continue reading April practice, practice, and more practice