Another gorgeous day for sailing!

It was another gorgeous day for sailing.  It rained most of the week in North Carolina along the coast.  They were calling for no rain for the entire weekend, and there is Full Moon on Monday.  Hopefully I will get chance to capture it over the weekend.  I went out sailing on National Flag Day, June 14.  Friday evening would have been perfect for a … Continue reading Another gorgeous day for sailing!

Mother’s Day Weekend 2019

May 12th was Mother’s Day in U.S.A.  It’s not a real holiday, just some holiday to make money.  It was nice that my boys came to New Bern to spend Mother’s Day with their mama. Latitude: 34° 41′ 45.132″ N / Longitude: 76° 43′ 7.992″ W The weather was perfect.  The water temperature was warm 75 and the air temperature a comfortable 85.  As you … Continue reading Mother’s Day Weekend 2019

Oriental Boat Show and North Carolina State Sailpack Regatta

Another wet weekend.  So  what else is new.  Did you ever notice that it rains more on weekend, then during the work week.  If you are retire like me, then it doesn’t matter.  But for my wife who isn’t retire, then you are waiting for the weekend to go sailing, or to take a romance walk on the beach, or to go for a nice … Continue reading Oriental Boat Show and North Carolina State Sailpack Regatta

Cold or Winter Moon

Which is it, a Cold Moon or a Winter Moon for the Full Moon in December?  In December’s Full Moon has earned the nickname of the Cold Moon.  “In Native American cultures which tracked the calendar by the moons, December’s full moon was known as the Full Cold Moon,”  It is called a Winter Moon, because it is went the night are longest and the day is … Continue reading Cold or Winter Moon