January 4th and 5th the Earth closest to the Sun

On January 4th and 5th, the Earth was the closest to the Sun.  How close?  The  Earth was roughly 3 million miles closer (or 5 million km) to the Sun than it is in early July. I used the Nikon D7100 Camera with Nikon DX AF-S Nikkor 50mm |1.8 G lens and the iPhone 7plus camera. January 4th: All the photographs were taken in Bridgeton … Continue reading January 4th and 5th the Earth closest to the Sun

Another nice day and another day at the beach

It was another nice day in New Bern. The Weather Channel app on the iPhone (powered by Watson) lied to me. It stated that was clear skies at Atlantic Beach and Emerald Isle. I was already at Atlantic Beach this week and sky in New Bern was partial cloudy. I took a chance and drove to Emerald Isle, which is farther than Atlantic Beach (especially … Continue reading Another nice day and another day at the beach

Thanksgiving 2018

This is my first Thanksgiving being retired.  It was frigid weekend in the Northeast.  My boys were going skiing in Colorado for a week.  They were leaving on “Black Friday”.  They were heading to Breckenridge Ski Resort, which has a 38 inches base with 66 trails open.  I hope they are having a great time. Note: I use  my Nikon D7100 camera with the Nikon Nikkon 50mm f/1:18G len, … Continue reading Thanksgiving 2018

Sunrise 6th of September

I know that the title is “Sunrise 6th of September” and there is more than just sunrise pictures.  Professional Photographer say “Practice, practice, and more practice” if you want to be good.  I wish I took my camera with on my kayak adventure, but because there was the possibility of the camera getting wet, I didn’t take it.  Wednesday evening I thought would be chance … Continue reading Sunrise 6th of September

Weekend of March 9 and 10

It is the end of the first full week of March.  The following pictures were taken on March 9 and 10, the 10th was Saturday.  Early this week, another nor’easter hit the northeast.  There is supposed to be 3rd one on Monday night to Tuesday, which would mean the Northeast will experience their third nor’easter in 10 days.  The weather in the southeast, down east … Continue reading Weekend of March 9 and 10

Sunset January 14, 15, and 16

It was MLK weekend and my birthday.  My sons came to town on Friday night and we had dinner at MJs Raw Bar and Grille.  I never had bad meal at MJs. The weather was weird.  On Friday and Saturday, it was warm in the 60s, and Sunday the ceiling drop out and the high was only in the 30s.  We went to Atlantic Beach … Continue reading Sunset January 14, 15, and 16