Kayaking the White Oak River

It’s Labor Day weekend and Michele and I been busy.  On Friday evening, we had dinner with our friends at their Cedar Point Campsite in the Croatan National Forest.  Saturday, we clean the garage up and removed some old boxes.  I know not that exciting.  Sunday after church, we took the gal to Atlantic Beach for some fun in the sun.  I call Harley my … Continue reading Kayaking the White Oak River

April 21

The weather was nice these weekend in North Carolina.  It was cold in the Northeast.  My sister Genevieve told me that they had ice on the road in the AM.  Not here!   We went to Cedar Point Camp-site in the Croatan National Forest to check out our friend  R-Pod camper. We are thinking about getting a camper when we retire, maybe in 3 years. … Continue reading April 21