Another Perfect Day at the Beach

Wednesday, October 4, was a perfect day to go the beach.  There was a cold front in the area on Monday and Tuesday with lows in the mid-40’s.  It stated warming up on Wednesday and with clear skies, I decided to check PhotoPills to see if the sun would be setting over the gazebo at the end of the fishing pier at Atlantic Beach in North Carolina.  Lucky the tide was out, so I was able to get the composition I wanted.

I also decided to trying using HDR (High Dynamic Range).  I never really used it the past, and I wanted  to do it manually and not letting the camera decide. I wanted to shoot RAW.  I did try the HDR feature on the Nikon D7500, but I prefer doing it manually.

Sunset at Atlantic Beach:

I like using the camera “interval” setting as a intervalometer.  I though it was cool that I capture a shark fin in the water.  It’s was a good thing I wasn’t planning on going swimming that day or letting my dogs go swimming.  It’s the third time I spotted a shark at Atlantic Beach this year.


After Sunset:

Equipment Used:

Nikon D7500

Nikon DX AF-S NIkkor 55-300mm


Polorized Filters


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