Mother’s Day Weekend 2019

May 12th was Mother’s Day in U.S.A.  It’s not a real holiday, just some holiday to make money.  It was nice that my boys came to New Bern to spend Mother’s Day with their mama.

Raymond, Daniel, and Mother at Atlantic Beach, NC on Saturday

Latitude: 34° 41′ 45.132″ N / Longitude: 76° 43′ 7.992″ W

The weather was perfect.  The water temperature was warm 75 and the air temperature a comfortable 85.  As you can see, my boys are working on their tan.  The weather the Northeast wasn’t so nice for my sisters.  It was rainy and highs only in the mid-50’s.  I decided to take my Nikon camera (D7100) to one of the favorite spot for sunset.

I used my  Nikon D7100 camera with the Nikon Nikkor 50mm f/1:18 G lens for the all the photo in this blog. I set my Shutter Speed 1/250 or 1/200, with an Aperture of f/8, and an ISO of 200.  The picture was taken around sunset.  Sunset was at 20:02.  The Latitude / Longitude coordinates were:

Latitude: 35° 7′ 31.13″ N / Longitude: 77° 1′ 36.73″ W


The following photos, I used a Shutter Speed of 1/200, an Aperture setting  f/7, and an ISO setting 200.

I tried using Hyperfocal distance (as Spence Cox article), but I found in this setting f/8 and f/7 worked best for the above pictures. Hyperfocal distance methods gives the sharpest possible photographs with maximum depth of field.  But for the picture below, I used an Aperture setting f/5.6 or f/6.3.


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