Southern Caribbean Cruise San Juan and St. Maarten

Day 4 – San Juan, Puerto Rico

February 6, we moored in beautiful San Juan, Puerto Rico before 1500. Puerto Rico and the rest of the islands are on Atlantic Standard Time, so we had to turn our clocks back one hour.   We took a nice city tour of old and new San Juan.  During the tour we saw the statues of President of U.S. that visited Puerto Rico. There were 10 President that visited the island, but they only have 9 statues.  President Donald Trump visited Puerto Rico on October 3, 2017, but there isn’t  one dedicated to him as of today. Nine presidents are honored by a  bronze statues commissioned and placed at the  “Paseo de los Presidentes” on the southside of San Juan, Puerto Rico’s Capitol Building. We got a chance to walk around the fort “Castillo San Felipe del Morro”, but did not get a chance to visit “Fortin San Juan de la Cruz”.  The U.S. Coast Guard station is across where the ship dock.

Day 5 – Phillipsburg, St. Maarten

We went on two tours in St. Maarten, unfortunately one to many.  The sunset cruise on the catamaran was awesome.  The tour of the island was interesting.  The couple we were with (AnnMarie and Art) had hard walking.  After the island tour, we had to walk boat to the pier to pick up the next tour and then walk back the water taxi area for the catamaran tour. The sunset tour was worth it.  St. Maarten is divided into two counties, France and the Kingdom of Netherlands.  Phillipsburg is the capital on the Dutch size and Marigot in the French side.  Hurricane Irma made landfall on 6 September 2017, causing extensive damage and cleanup and rebuilding is on going.  Did you know that it is cheaper to drink beer than have a bottle of water on the island.  On the island tour, we did spot iguanas sunbathing in the trees.


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