Southern Caribbean Cruise Barbados and St. Kitts

Day 8 – Bridgetown, Barbados

February 10 Sunday,  all the stores in Barbados are close.  So I guess it is good thing we went snorkeling and drank more rum punch.  This time we swam with the turtles.  We bought  an  Olympus Tough T5 camera for Christmas because of this cruise and so far it works fine.  Barbados is another island I would not mind staying some addition time on.  Only having one day, you really don’t see much.  There was first catamaran snorkeling cruise that we actually sail to the cove and back.  The water was the cool size on 75 degrees, but we make the best of it.  Unfortunately, the entire trip the wind was outing out of the Northeast, so it was being the cooler temperatures.  The locals stated it was too cool for them for swimming.


Day 9 – St. Kitts

February 11, we arrived at St. Kitts.  I would visit St. Kitts again.  I wasn’t impressed with the beaches at Nevis, the neighboring island. If I had time, I would visit Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park, and Nevis Peak is a potentially active volcano which is located in the centre of the island of Nevis of the Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis in the West Indies. The stratovolcano rises to a height of 985 metres and is the highest point on the island. And Basseterre Co-Cathedral of Immaculate Conception is a cathedral in the city of Basseterre, St. Kitts and Nevis, and maybe go hiking Mount Liamuiga is a 3,792-foot stratovolcano which forms the western part of the island of Saint Kitts.  But we didn’t we drank more rum punch and snorkel, not in that order.  We always snorkel before rum punch.


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