Southern Caribbean Cruise 3 days at sea

Day 10 to 12 was Cruising back to Cape Liberty – Bayonne, NJ

February 12,  on the way back we would be following a storm front to the eastern sea coast. Lucky we had a trailing wind and seas, so ride wasn’t that bad.  The rough sea came at night, so I didn’t really feel them.

February 13, second day at sea. It was pretty uneventful.  We were back near the U.S waters and near Florida, so we turn our clocks back. As my wife like to say, gain an extra hour of sleep.  I spent the better part of my days sitting by the pool and reading a book.

February 14, Happy Valentine Day at sea.  The questions is did I get “Lucky Tonight” . No, my ADHD kicked in full throttle.  I manage to piiss off Miss AnnMarie and my wife in one day while flirting at the dinner table.  Wonder nice cease to amaze me, And there were no good sunrise or sunset pictures.  It was clear most of the day, until it was time to capture the sunset or sunrise.



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