Another Day in Paradise

It’s another day in paradise for me and another day in retirement.  After two days of rain, I need to get out of the house. It was cold this morning in New Bern.  When I woke up, it was 31 degree outside, but that didn’t stop me from going to the beach to search for seashells.  There was another northeastern and thought that might be a good day for searching sea shells.   It’s mid week and a lot of people are busy with Christmas shopping or staying warm.  Not me!

I packed up the car, cleared the frost off the windows, and headed to Atlantic Beach.


It was so nice outside and we were having fun.  We collected several shell at the seashore.  I decided to go to Fort Macon and see if there were any more shells at the point (the mouth of the Newport River or Beaufort Inlet Channel).  Unfortunately not!  But, I did find a shell tree.  What’s a shell tree you might ask.  On the natural trail, there was tree that folks places shells they found at the beach. The Elliott Coues Nature Trail is a new hiking trail that connects the Fort area with the Swim Beach area. It stretches approximately 3.2 miles round trip and travels along the marsh, through the maritime forest, and through the sand dunes. I did find anything worth adding to the collection.


It’s another great day in paradise!

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