Thanksgiving 2018

This is my first Thanksgiving being retired.  It was frigid weekend in the Northeast.  My boys were going skiing in Colorado for a week.  They were leaving on “Black Friday”.  They were heading to Breckenridge Ski Resort, which has a 38 inches base with 66 trails open.  I hope they are having a great time.

Note: I use  my Nikon D7100 camera with the Nikon Nikkon 50mm f/1:18G len, expect for the moon shots, then  I use my Nikkon DX AF-S 55-300mm 4.5-5.6 GED len. So I can zoom in on the moon.

We decided to have Thanksgiving dinner at Raleigh Hibernian Pub.  Price wise, they had the best deal and the food was very good.  They was no sense of having my boys drive to New Bern and then fly out Raleigh (RDU) Friday morning.  They were no sense of bring the food over to cook at their apartment and they will not be around for leftover following day.

On Wednesday, 21st of November, was Will’s 72 Birthday.  Will was 72 years young.  (How did I know that we will be eating at an Irish Pub for 3 days.)  We had dinner at Spunky McDoogle’s.  On Wednesday night, Spunky offer  $1.50 drafts.

On Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, there was a Full Moon. The weather was perfect for taking pictures of the Moon. The sky was clear and crisp. I took the picture of the Moon at 19:01:23.

Full Moon
Shutter Speed: 1/200
Aperture: f/8
ISO: 200
300mm zoom lens

On Friday, again another Irish Pub day.  Our friends (Dave and Gale) were pass thru New Bern and asked if we wanted to have lunch with them. And where did we go, to an Irish Pub again.  Friday night was the Tree Lighting in New Bern, we didn’t a chance to see it, but it will be lit all season and I try to get moon shot in black ground some time next week.

It rain on Saturday and cleared up on Sunday.  You could not ask for a better day.  Sunday it was 62 degrees and clear.  We decided to take our dogs to Emerald Isle for a sunset and walk on the beach.  My wife prefer Atlantic Beach, mainly because there are less vehicles on the beach.  It just don’t get it, how enjoyable is  driving on the beach?  You see people with their smartphones  hanging out the window while driving down the beach.  There is nothing like walking hand to hand with the one you love on beach and watching the sunset.  Especially when you a crazy dog that loves the water and playing fletch on the beach.


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