Sailing on the Neuse River

The 30th of October would probably be the last time I get to go sailing this year.  I was hoping on sailing more during the month of October, but that didn’t happen.  October was busy month and probably the best time for doing anything in North Carolina.  The evenings are cool, and days are sunny with warm temperatures, and very little humidity.  I started the month out hiking in the mountains in western part of North Carolina.  Then there was funnel the following weekend we needed to attend, and the third weekend a wedding.  I was planning on getting underway on Monday and anchoring out until Thursday, but mother nature did not cooperate me.  There were small craft warning from Sunday afternoon to Monday evening and another set of small craft warning for Wednesday to Saturday afternoon.  Therefore Tuesday was the best day to take a day cruise.  Unfortunately, I forget to bring my camera, so there isn’t any picture of the trip.  There were many snowbirds heading south for the winter, so day I will be one of them.

Tuesday was prefect with the temperature in mid-70s and the winds out of northwest wind at 10-15 knots.  I would had stay out longer, but my GPS was acting up.  When my GPS on the console start acting up, that usually means my battery is losing power.  It been 2 months since Hurricane Florence made landfall in North Carolina and I still don’t have power at the dock.   I haven’t been able to charge my battery since the first week of September.  I look at it this way, there is always spring.  My wife doesn’t mind cruising for a couple days, but she made it clear I am not going to spend the winter in Florida without her.

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