Full Moon in October

The full moon in October (2018) was on the 24th.  It happen to be an excellent day to view the moon rise over the ocean.  The moon rise was at 18:46 and the sunset on the 24th was at 18:21.  I was planning on first capturing the event at Cape Lookout, which mean sailing from Oriental to Cape Lookout and hanging out at the bright for a few days.  But I happen to capture the moonrise at Emerald Isle, so what happen?

My wife home from her business trip last Friday and stated that she need to go back to Raleigh on Thursday.  My jaw dropped at the dinner table. I was planning on going sailing for three days and capture the sunset and moonrise at Cape Lookout.  Then I asked when was she planning on going to Raleigh, Wednesday (24th of October) or Thursday morning?  Michele told me that she was planning on staying over at Cindy’s house on Wednesday, so that would make my sailing trip short, but doable.  I make an appointment for Monday to get the truck service, it’s a good thing I didn’t plan on during it on Thursday.  Now it all depends on what time the truck will be done.  If it’s before noon, then it is still feasible.  The truck was done by 09:30.  I took a second look at the weather forecast, Monday the weather was perfect, light to viable winds; Tuesday overcast; Wednesday sunny winds out of the Northwest 15 to 20 knots.

The weather is doable, but I won’t capture the sunset or moon rise on the 24th at Cape Lookout.  I would be on my way back home from sailing, because Tuesday forecast calls for overcast sky, I wouldn’t be able to capture any picture while anchoring in bright.  Therefore, it would be three days camping out in the bright with temperature dipping into the mid-40s.  I might not even make it back in time to capture the moonrise at the beach.  To make a long story short, my three days sailing trip turn out to be 2 and half day painting project.  Michele been bugging me to paint our bedroom and weather is perfect to open the windows and paint the entire room, ceiling, walls, and trim.

It been a long time since I took a picture of moonrise, especially the full moon. Needless to say, I need so practice.  I had found it easier to take a picture of the moon after it already risen.  All the pictures taken with my Nikon D7100 camera with the Nikon Nikkon 50mm f/1:18G len, expect for the moon shots. I used my Nikkon DX AF-S 55-300mm 4.5-5.6 GED len, so I can zoom in on the moon.  On the 19th and 21st of October, I went waterfront in New Bern and Bridgeton to practice taking sunset and moonrise photos.

After finishing up painting on Wednesday, I packed the dogs and headed for the beach.  Wednesday turn out to be a perfect days for sunset picture.  Michele told me Wednesday morning that she might not be going to Raleigh after all.  She was debating if she needed to attend the meeting.  I told her that she better go, because I gave up sailing and anchoring out because of this meeting and if you don’t attend, then I will be disappointed. I stay home for no reason beside to paint, which can do any time.  I gave up sailing and three nice days to paint a bedroom.  Needless to say, she went to Raleigh and I went to the beach.  Now it would be easier if I kept the dogs at home, but they need to get out of the house too.  Beside Harley loves the beach.  All I need to do is to bring a ball and  she will be in 7th heaven.  The sunset was at 18:21 and Moonrise was 18:46.  One thing that really shock me is how people just stand in front of you when you are trying to capture a picture.  They don’t seem to care if they are in your view and won’t move.  O well.


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