Wilson, NC Whirligig Park

On Saturday, our friends asked if we felt like taking a motorcycle ride to Wilson, NC to visit  Brewery 217.  Across the street from the brewery is the Vollis Simpon Whirligig Park. So we can kill birds with one stone, I took some awesome photos, and had a frosty one at the brewery.  At the brewery, the bartender name was Kramer (the real Kramer).  Why the real Kramer, because his parent named him before the television series started 1989.  So, when Kramer  asked for our names, I stated Newman!  And what is the sufficient behind the brewery name “217”.  It’s their address.

The beer was great, my wife had two glasses of “Ship in the Bottle” and just stick can of Coca-Cola. Wilson is in a building stage.  In about 5 years the downtown revitalization project should be complete.  Before the brewery and after lunch at the brewery, Cathy and I took some picture of the Whirligig Park.  It was hot and humid day, around 95 degrees with lite winds.

Vollis Simpson, began making gigantic kinetic sculptures at his family farm in Wilson County when he was nearing retirement age. He kept making his “whirligigs” up his death (he dies at the age of 94) in May of 2013. The original location of the  whirligigs was 11 miles outside the City of Wilson and already attracted the attention of local people.   Visitors from out-of-state made their way to Vollis’ farm, and  without any advertising, the Simpson’s farm became one of Wilson County’s top tourism destinations. You can read more about at the park website.

All the pictures were taken with my Nikon D7100 camera using the Nikon Nikkon 50mm f/1:18G len.  The Shutter Speed was set at 1/250 or 1/200.  The Aperture set at f/8 or f/7, and the ISO was set at 100.

Before Lunch:

After Lunch:

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