Kayaking the White Oak River

It’s Labor Day weekend and Michele and I been busy.  On Friday evening, we had dinner with our friends at their Cedar Point Campsite in the Croatan National Forest.  Saturday, we clean the garage up and removed some old boxes.  I know not that exciting.  Sunday after church, we took the gal to Atlantic Beach for some fun in the sun.  I call Harley my “Golden Retriever”, but  actually she is 40% boxer, 15 % American Staffordshire Terrier, 12% Lab, and the rest unknown.   My wife Michele would like to have another Golden Retriever.  Our first pet was a Golden Retriever back in 1988, when we first met. We rescue her when she was 7 years old and had her for another 8 years.   Michele would like our next dog to be another Golden Retriever.  Harley is a mix breed we rescue who loves the water, and has  golden fur, and retrieve. Therefore, she is our “Golden Retriever”.

Monday, we went kayaking with our friends at the Cedar Point launch site in the Croatan National Forest.  We kayaked for about one and half hours to Jones Island (approximately 3 natural miles or about 3.45 miles).

The White Oak River is a blackwater river, approximately 40 mi long, on the coastal plain of southeast North Carolina in the United States. It empties in the Atlantic Ocean near Swansboro.   Jones Island is a 24-acre coastal island located in the middle of the White Oak River a mile from the town of Swansboro.  About 17 acres of Jones Island is part of Hammocks Beach State Park.

All the pictures were taken with iPhone 7 plus.

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