4th of July Fireworks

I read up on how to take pictures of fireworks on the web.

Taking Pictures of Fireworks


Using Long Exposure Noise Reduction


Photographing fireworks


So, I tested using Long Exposure Noise Reduction with my camera on some sunsets photos early this week. And also tested using “Bulb” setting.  One article stated to use ISO 200 and other use ISO 100.  I tested with both in the house and decided to go with using an ISO 100. I set my drive mode to “Manual Bulb”, and use the aperture of F8 for depth-of-field.  I experiment with leaving the shutter open for 1 second to 6 seconds using a remote.  Because I am using g Nikon D7100, which doesn’t come with GPS.  When I brought the camera the D7200 just came out and 6 months later the D7500.  The D7100 was cheaper in price and quality for images was the same as the D7200 and the D7500.  I purchased a Solmeta GPS Geotragger GMAX, which comes with a iPhone App to control the shutter.  With the purchase of Solmeta GPS and D7100, it  was still less than D7200 and D7500, and one of the nice things about it doesn’t effect the camera battery.  The GPS on the D7200 and  D7500 drains the battery, not a problem here.  I trigger the shutter with my remote when no action is occurring, to allow the camera to start accumulate background exposure to capture some of the sky blue and city lights. Once the fireworks explode, continue to capture some of the trails, then end the exposure with your remote. 

I think I got good results, here is link to my Nikon MySpace (“http://img.gg/BkPr8N5“) pictures.

I decided the best place to view the fireworks would be on the Bridgeton side of the Neuse River, that way I will have he city lights in the background with the fireworks.  Next I took 2 pictures of New Bern. before sunset and after sunset to give an idea of the scenery.



Next hang around until 21:15 for the fireworks to begin.  The equipment I used. My Nikon D7100 with Nikon AF-S 55-300mm f/4.5-5.6G ED VR lens, and tripod (Bernro Slim Tripod Kit – Carbon Fiber).  I have to give an acknowledgement to my family for supporting me and buying the equipment as gifts for my 60th Birthday Present (Special thanks you to Michele, Raymond, and Daniel!).





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