Fort Myers Beach Florida

Michele and I went on vacation this summer to Fort Myers Beach and surrounding area in May.  The weather wasn’t too bad. For some odd and strange reason we like vacation during the rainy season.  They were calling for rain all week and there was tropical storm brewing in the gulf.  On Friday afternoon the Weather Channel gave it 70% possibility of becoming a storm.   We left a day early due to Tropical Storm Alberto.  Fort Myers Beach is 13 hours drive from our house without stops, but with 2 pets (we took our dogs because Fort Myers was dog friendly) it was more like 15 hours.

We left on Friday afternoon and stopped in Savannah Georgia for the night.  We did not get much sleep that night.  It took us 6 hours to get to Savannah and Ziva barked every time someone walked by or the couple above us moved.  At one point, I was going to just get up and drive the rest of the way.  Unfortunately, we did not get to spend much time in Savannah and will have to plan another trip to the Georgia coast some time next year.

We arrived at Fort Myers Beach Saturday afternoon around 1700.  We stayed at VRBO hear the Mound House, which the highest point on Estero Island and built by shells.

Sunday, we decided to drive around the explore the area.  Our first stop was Sanibel Island.  For thirty years, since I known Michele, she been asking to visit a Sanibel Island for shell hunting.  Even when we visit her Aunt house in Engelwood, Florida, she want drive further south to visit Sanibel.  Unfortunately, the best time to search for shell is the winter and after a storm. Maybe 2020, we already have plans for 2019.

Monday, we went back to Sanibel Island to search for sea shells at the sea shore.  I think I got some good pictures of the pelicans and other birds.  We went to beach at Blind Pass Park and cross the bridge to Turner Beach on Captiva Island.  After spending a few hours at the beach on Sanibel Island, we took the dogs to the “dogs beach” at the Lovers Key State Park near Bonita Beach. Dogs may run free on the beautiful beach and there was also a doggie shower stations  to rinse off our dogs before leaving the park. Needless to say, we visited the dog beach several times during the week. It was the highlight for the dogs.  Dogs are allow on the beaches in Fort Myers and Sanibel as long as they are on a leash.  The only beach that wasn’t dog friendly was Bowditch Point Park.  I went over there without the dogs to check it out. Some one wrote that it was a hidden gem.  NOT! The beaches on Sanibel and Lovers Key Park were better.  

Tuesday, we took Harley on her first kayak trip.  My oldest  dogs been on a kayak several time, but this was the first time for the puppy on a kayak.  The owners of the house where we stayed had a two man kayak and bike tour to use.  There was kayak launching station at the Mound House.  We paddled around Matanzas Pass for a hour.  I was hoping to see a manatees or some dolphins.  We did see an eagle.  I didn’t take my camera with me on this trip, because I didn’t know how Harley will react in the kayak.  As you can see, she did very well.

Wednesday, just another day at the beach. But first we visit the Miromar Outlets.  Bring Fido stated that it was dog friendly place and stopped at the Ford’s Garage for lunch.  We also visit Bonita Springs and Bonita Beach on the way to the dog beach.

Thursday was the only day I was able to capture a sunrise.  Yes, we went to the dog beach again in the afternoon.  I think we spoil our dogs.  We were look for other things to do.  We visited two other dogs parks in the Fort Myers area and my dogs were not interested.  They didn’t want to play.  I brought Harley favorite ball to play and she just looked at me.  So at the end of the day, we went to their favorite spot, the dog beach at Lovers Key Park.  We drove to Pine Island and had lunch at small grill on the water way.  We had coconut fried shrimp at Blue Dog Bar & Grill.  It was the best shrimp I ever had.  We chatted with owner, while Michele was drinking her craft beer (7% alcohol).  The shrimp they served was  fresh off the boat from Matlacha and Fort Myers Beach.

Friday was our last day.  Because of Tropical Storm Alberto, we decided to drive on Saturday instead of Sunday.  It rained all afternoon. We been lucky during the week, it only rained in the early morning and late afternoon. The mornings were cool, then cleared up around sunset for an evening  walk.  We went to Sanibel Island for the last time for the trip.  We decided to check out Gulfside City Park Beach (Algiers).  On Sunday, we went to Bowman’s Beach, and Monday to the beach at Blind Pass Park.  The water was calmer at Gulfside City Park Beach.

 We left Fort Myers Beach early on Saturday, at 5 AM.  We only had rain up to Tampa Florida. After Tampa, it was clear sailing.





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