April 8th to the 14th.


It was a busy weekend.  Michele stated that she wanted to getup of the house.  She works from home 5 days a week and wanted a break.

We were on the go for 12 hours, starting with the Tryon Palace Gardens (free admission over the weekend), then the Pottery Festival at the Historical Society in New Bern, then the New Bern Farmer’s Market, and last  but not least the Oriental Boat Show.  We did not get home under 9 PM.  Therefore, I think I kept her busy for one day.  My son Daniel stop on the way home from Atlantic Beach Sunday.  It was off and on rain, so we cook him a bunch.

I been subscribing to  Photography Life dot com.  The key to being a good photographer is to practice, practice, and more practice. So I take a lot of random shoots in the backyard, at the beach, and especially at special events like the Tryon Palace Garden.  On the 8th, we went to Swansboro for lunch and eat at an Irish Pub and Deli.  On Friday and Saturday, I went to Tryon Palace to take pictures at the garden.  It more crowded on Friday with photographers than Saturday, but  I think I got good shoots on both days.  


April 8 – Swansboro


April 11 – Backyard wildlife

April 12 – Sunset on Neuse River 

April 13 – Tryon Palace  Garden


April 14 – Tryon Palace  Garden with a Tripod



April 13 – Oriental Boat Show


Nikon 7100
Nikkor 50mm AF-S 1:1.8G
ISO 200 f/7 1/200

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