8th week of 2018

The 8th week of the year and it was full of news.  First on February 14th (Valentine’s Day – week 7), there was another school shooting.  This time in Parkland Florida.  Nicholas Cruz, 19, walked into his former high school and killed 17 people.  A woman who knew him reported on the F.B.I.’s tip line on Jan. 5. that she was worry was that he might resort to slipping “into a school and just shooting the place up.”  The local sheriff’s office received at least 18 calls about Florida school shooting suspect him over the past decade, and did nothing about it.  The worth thing about it, there were  4 Deputies that  arrived at the scene (within minutes) and did nothing until the SWAP team arrive.  As the expected the NRA is the blame by the media and the Democrats.  Actually, I think it is break down in our society.

Enough with the the bad news, on Thursday night the Female USA hockey team took the Gold Medal over Canada in shoot out.  The Men hockey team did not do so well.  The USA took the Gold in Curling, which probably mades my neighbor Bill happy.   

On Wednesday, I finish my coverage of 3rd shift for the Chinese New Year.  I am on vacation until the end of March, when I retire.  

Saturday, Michele and I, along with Will and Cathy, took a motorcycle ride to Greenville to visit the Pitt Street Brewery.  We stopped at Samuel Jones for BBQ (North Caroline BBQ).  So you can said we had B-BBQ weekend. 

On Sunday, we went to Raleigh to made dinner for our boys at their apartment.  We were planning on going out to dinner, but they prefer my wife home cook meal.  We made Zita for them.  Overall it was a good week.

As for pictures, I only got a chance to capture the sunset on Thursday (22nd) and the sunrise and sunset on Saturday (24th). On both days, I was able to capture the moon in the 1st quarter, 41% visible and 64% visible.

Weather wise, it feels more like spring than winter.  We took the motorcycle out on Thursday for the sunset, because it was 80 degrees, and upper 78s on Saturday for our bike ride. 










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