Sunset-Sunrise 20 and 21 Oct 2017

Here it is the 20th of October and it is still 82 degrees in North Carolina along the coast. I decided to pack my camera and take a ride to Beaufort, NC on Friday after work with Michele on the motorcycle.  It doesn’t get better than that.  We had dinner at Clawson’s on the water front in Beaufort.  The had an art show at the “Backstreet Pub”, but they do not server food and I wasn’t in the mood for roach coach (food truck) food.

After catching the sunset, we ate at Clawson’s.  One of these days, I will have to cruise to Beaufort and anchor in Taylor Creek for the weekend.  The sailing season is almost done, but they are calling for above temperature for this winter.  We will see.


Sunset at 18:18:55 in Beaufort, NC
Sunset at 18:19:18
Sunset at 18:26:46
Sunset on water front Beaufort at 18:27:45
Sunrise at 07:16:06
Sunrise at 07:21:16
Sunrise at 07:23:01.
Sunrise at 07:25:10.
New Bern Harbor at sunrise at 07:27:16.
New Bern Harbor at sunrise at 07:27:36.
Sunrise at 07:28:52.


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