Sunset on 30 September at Atlantic Beach, NC

The last day of the month  (30 September 2017) and you could asked for a more beautiful or perfect day.  Being semi-retire is great.   We spend most of the day driving.  In the AM,  we drove to Raleigh (240 miles round trip) to take care of personal business.  NCSU was playing Syracuse at home. It was close game,  but the Wolfpack won 33 to 25.  We did not go to game.  We saw the score and updates at the bar in Raleigh.   I forgot to state that UNC lost too, so over all it was a good day for sport.  I guess that is what happen when the UNC you Basketball Team  turned  down an invite to the White House, because they do not like the President.  You should be proud to be American and keep politics out of sports. 

Then after having lunch with Raymond on Wake Forest Road, we drove back home.  In the evening, we decided to catch the sunset at Atlantic Beach and dinner in Morehead City (another 60 miles round trip).   But instead of taking the car, we took the motorcycle.


ISO 100; f/5.6; Shutter 1/100 taken at 18:32:17
ISO 100; f/5; Shutter 1/80 taken at 18:43:56
ISO 100; f/4.5; Shutter 1/80 taken at 18:46:04
ISO 100; f/5.6; Shutter 1/50 taken at 18:46:51
ISO 100; f/9; Shutter 1/125 taken at 18:48:52
ISO 100; f/6.3; Shutter 1/100 taken at 18:50:38


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