Round about way to Ocracoke Island

Michele and I was on vacation for the last week in May.It is hard to pick a good week to take off, when you need to plan it 6 months in advance.  This should be the last time in need to worrying about it, because next year I am retiring  at end of March 2018.

Memorial Day (Monday, 29 May) I had off, because I had duty over the weekend.  The weather was nice and we decided take a motorcycle ride with our friends to Swansboro and had lunch at the Ice House.

On Tuesday, the weather was a stormy.  So we took our time heading to Oriental to spend a rest of week on the boat.  The thunderstorms were severe at times (small craft warning on the Sound and Inlet).  At one point winds top 50 knots in Morehead City.

Sunrise on 31 May at 06:02

Wednesday, it  wasn’t any better, but we made the best of it.  We drove to New Bern and walked along the water front and visit the small shops.  Weird we live in New Bern and spent the day walking around water front.  We wanted to stop in Bridgeton for blueberries.  The actually the color of a blueberries are indigo and when they are ripe they turn a dark purple color.  I guess “blue” is easier to say than indigo or “purple berry”.  How confusing would it be to order indigo berries in the store.

Thursday, we made reservation for the ferry boat to Ocracoke Island. The weather forecast was calling for clearing skies.

We  had two choices to make:

1.  Go sailing and anchor out somewhere (Ocracoke or Beaufort).

2.  Or hang around Oriental.

Friday would be the first Friday of the month, and Michele usually attends women night at  the marina.  We decided to take a road trip Ocracoke Island. It was probably a good thing we did, because  after our round about trip to Ocracoke via ferry boat, we decided to stop home before making it a trifecta (or hat trick) with the ferry boats.  When we arrived home late on Thursday evening,our A/C unit wasn’t working.   On Friday morning, we called the electrician to get the unit repair.

Hatteras Lighthouse

The outside unit “starter” was replaced.  Lucky the repair did not take long or cost too much.  I could not imaging coming home on Saturday or Sunday without the A/C working (both days were in the 90s in New Bern).

Early Thursday morning we packed a lunch to took a road trip to Nag Heads. There were two possible routes; take the ferry from Cedar Island to Ocracoke, or drive to Hatteras Island and catch ferry from there.  If we choose the Cedar Island route, then we would have to catch the 7 am or 10 am ferry boat over to Ocracoke.  We took the round about way and drove to Nag Heads and south on NC Route # 12 to Hatteras Island.

NOAA Nautical Chart 11555: Cape Hatteras-Wimble Shools to Ocracoke Inlet

It did not take long to drive to Hatteras Island.  We send more time waiting in line to get across, then what we expected. So, we only had one hour on Ocracoke before the 4 pm ferry to Cedar Island.  But we did stop on the way in Columbia and at Hatters Lighthouse before arriving at the ferry terminal at Hatteras Island. There was an 1 1/2 wait for the ferry.  The ferry boat ride to Cedar Island is on 2 hours, we spend more time taking the ferry from the Hatteras end. The Hatteras ferry so long, because the channel takes the ferry out into the Pamlico Sound.  Due to storms the channel is constantly changing,what took 30 minutes a few years ago now takes over an hour.

Ocracoke Lighthouse

Overall it was good day.  If I every going sailing to Ocracoke and anchor out at Silver Lake on Ocracoke Island, then I would be coming from the Cedar Island side of the sound and got a chance to see the channel setup.  Secondly, now I know if I ever go to Ocracoke by car or motorcycle again, take the Cedar Island ferry over.   Vacation is about relaxing and being with the one you love, and I was with my soul mate.  Until next time, happy sail.







Here are other pictures from our vacation.


Oriental Habor
Sunset on 2 June at 19:47
U.S.C.G. Station Hatteras Inlet
Moon rise on 3 June at 19:39
Ocracoke Lighthouse from the Pamlico Sound

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