Kayaking on Neuse River

Navionics iPhone app
2017-06-03 – Navionics iPhone App

I was the last day of vacation and I decided to take the kayak out for a spin.Michele departed Oriental for Wilmington, NC around 9 AM to purchase a pair of glasses.There isn’t any Lenscrafters in the New Bern area.  You either got to Wilmington, Raleigh,or Greenville.  If you got to take a hour and half drive, you might as well make worthwhile.

The weather forecast for sailing was light variable winds. The Neuse River is calm and it was good day to take the kayak for a spin in the morning while it was still cool out.  Ziva and I only kayak for a hour, but we enjoy being on the water.  I should say, I enjoy being active and being on the water. I am not so sure if Zika did.  She get whining and can’t sit still and enjoy the ride.  I am doing all the work. Beside it was cool watching the pelicans  skim inches from the water’s surface.

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