April 21, 2017

21 April 2017


Sunrise at 06:29:58 ISO 400 f/4.5 1/250

The sunrise was at 06:27 on Saturday 21 April. I drove  down to Flanners Beach (Croatan National Forest, New Bern, North Carolina) with Ziva.   We took a walk on the beach before heading up the cliffs to capture the sunrise.

Sunrise at 06:32:15 ISO 400 f/4.5 1/320


Lou Mac Park in Oriental at 13:17:16 ISO 320 f/56.6 1/200

In the morning, Michele and I decided to head downeast to Oriental. Oriental was having their annual in water boat show. It’s not as big as on the in October in Annapolis, Maryland, but it good to support the local business.

Two  wooden ship builders were  at the marina building small swift boat. There were plenty of food and entertainment. Ziva made out like a bandit. Most of the vendors were offers her dog treats, and there were plenty of water stops on the way (both human and four-legged watering holes).

USCG 47ft at Orient Boat Show ISO 320 f/5.6 1/200

Michele attend a seminar on the “Great Loop”, something that would be difficult to do on a sailboat. Tanya Binford completed the loop solo on her small tub boat. The amazing thing about it, she grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico and had no experience on boating. She moved to Southport, North Carolina to pursue her dreams. Tanya wrote a novel “Crossing the Wake one women’s great loop adventure”. I give her kudos, because it is something I would like to do (take 6 months to do the loop – cruise the Eastern Florida coast up the Hudson River, then  to the Figure Lake Canals, then cruise the Great Lakes to Chicago, then cruise down the Mississippi River to the Gulf, and cruise back to Florida again)

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