21 August Sailing the Neuse River

My tack
My tack

After several days of hot humid weather, a cold front is finally making it’s way South to the North Carolina coast and Pamlico Sound.

I took the sail boat out for a 3 hour tour.  First, I had 2 hours of prep work.  I been living onboard the sailboat for the last few months, while our house in Raleigh is on market for sale.  I been living onboard with 2 cats and 1 dog in the 105 heat index.  Last week, one of the cat got sick and I had to take her back to Raleigh.  So now I am down to 1 cat and 1 dog.  The family cat (Oreo) haven’t been under way since he was a kitten.  The family dog (Ziva) been underway several times, but she doesn’t really like sound or feel of the diesel engine or kneeling very much (O well their lost my gain).

The forecast was calling for WSW winds between 10-15 knots (usually you can add 5 to the forecast). The sky were clear, with a 20% chance of rain.  The temperature mid 90’s. For August, not a bad forecast.  We got underway around 11:30 just time to catch the shrimping boats departing Oriental Harbor. Even though I was under sail, they have the right a way after they pull out their nets.  Fortunately for me, they decided to do that right as they were crossing my tack.  So, I had to adjust my course to get to the other side of the river.

Because the wind was coming the WSW to easy to catch a beam reach and sail at 5 knots to the other side of the river. When I got to Adam’s Creek,  I was able to tack back across the river heading to New Bern.  The Shrimpers were head North on the sound.

After a few tacks, I jib and did a run up river.  It was relaxing ride and I was able to enjoy lunch with Ziva.  After lunch we made our final tack to Whittaker Creek Channel.  The wind pick up to 17 knots and we were kneeling at 15%.  Ziva enjoyed it (from what I can tell).   She took comfort standing next to me, while I was at the helm.


Following another sailboat to Adam’s Creek on a beam reach.


Beside the Shrimpers, I wasn’t the only one out on the river.

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