Sunrise on the Neuse River - January 2, 2009
Sunrise on the Neuse River – January 2, 2009

2015 was a strange year weather wise. First El Nino influenced our weather patterns. El Nino impacted the position of the Pacific jet stream. Due to the above average water temperatures, there were more storms on the West Coast than East Coast. The Pacific basin experienced more hurricanes than the East coast, which only had one.

During the start of the 2015-2016 winter, December was the warmest on record. We only had 4 days below average and most of the above average temperatures were 10 to 20 degrees above average. During Christmas week, the temperature was in 70’s. The only down fall, it rain for 12 days straight.

Sailing wise, 2015 wasn’t a good year for sailing. I did more kayaking than sailing. We had above average rainfall and I happen to be on-call for 10 weekend (almost 1 weekend per month). Lucky, the days I was off (duty day off) it didn’t rain. Unfortunately, Michele wasn’t able to take the time off with me.

New Year weekend 2016, I had duty. My duty started at 2000 on the 31st of December and lasted until January 3rd.

Raymond got a job in Raleigh. He is looking for an apartment or town house to shared with his brother Daniel and Daniel’s friend Jamal.

January 15 –  Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend

It’s the middle of January and the temperature are in the 60’s.

Cliffs of the Neuse State Park on the 16th of January
Cliffs of the Neuse State Park on the 16th of January

January 22

One week in the 60’s and this weekend a blizzard, which dumped a heavy snow amount in the Mid-Atlantic states.  New York City broke all time record amount of snow from a single storm, they receive over 26 inches of snow.

January 30

Michele and I drove to Virginia to  in January we helped him moved back to North Raleigh.

February 2,  Ground Hog Day

The ground hog didn’t see his shadow, which means an early spring. No one told Mother nature. The temperatures in Raleigh were above average in January, but since Ground Hog Day we been below average.  The average high in Raleigh this time of year is 50.  Over President Day weekend the highs will be in 30s. So much for an early spring.

March 5

The Weather Channel is reporting above average temperatures in the Northeast this March.  For the first week in March, the temperatures in Raleigh, NC will be above average (average temperature this time of year is 60).  By Thursday, we will be near 80 in Raleigh.

Piercer Creek at 06:08 EST
Piercer Creek at 06:08 EST
ISO 200; Aperture F/2.8; Shutter 1/20
Whittaker Point at 06:42 EST
ISO 80; Aperture F/2.8; Shutter 1/500
Whittaker Point at 06:43
ISO 80; Aperture F/2.8; Shutter 1/400
Whittaker Point at 06:46 EST
ISO 80; Aperture F/4; Shutter 1/800

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