Underway for the first time in 2015

Sunset in Oriental, NC
Sunset in Oriental, NC

It was the start of Memorial Dy weekend (Friday, 22 May 2015) and our first time underway in 2015. We didn’t get the boat back from Deaton’s until later November (the week before Thanksgivings). I was curious how the boat would run. The root cause for the engine failure was due not putting enough work load on the engine and having the boat idle at pier to long. I was hoping this year
would be difference, but it Memorial Day weekend and our for the first time underway.

We arrived at WYOCA on Tuesday late in the afternoon. For a change weather was nice. Unfortunately prep was needed before getting underway. I was schedule to work Memorial Day, we needed to be back by Sunday the latest. We went out to dinner with our friends at Silos and Michele got invite to a cook out on Saturday. It looks like Friday will our sailing window.

We departed WYOCA at 1000 AM on Friday morning. The winds were out of the Northwest 10-15 knots.
The sky was clear and temperature in the 70’s. It felt more like spring than the Memorial Day
weekend, but I am not complaining. We motored out of Whittaker Creek and clear the channel. The winds were out of the Northwest, there was plenty of water in the channel. We started heading up river toward New Bern. We hoisted the sails and got underway.

We were making good head way up river toward New Bern. We notice that there was a lot of vessel traffic on the ICW. The wind was gusting to 12 plus knots and we were averaging 3-4 knots. When we got close to Minnesott Beach, we spotted U.S. Marine Corp jets taking off at Cherry Point. The wind die down, which was strange, because usually in the afternoon they pick up. We started motor sailing home back to Oriental harbor. We saw two dolphins swimming by.

U.S.M.C. jets after taking off at Cherry Point Air Station.
U.S.M.C. jets after taking off at Cherry Point Air Station.

It was time to put a real test on the engine. We started motoring at 2400 rpm, the engine sounded
better than before. We were averaging 4.9 knots (at 2400 rpm). In the past, we ha to run the engine at 3000 rpm to make 5 knots ahead way. Around 1430, we at Oriental # 1 and continue toward Whittaker Creek Channel. Ziva couldn’t wait to get back on dry land. Over all, it was a nice day for sailing even though it was only for one day. It looks we will need to wait until we retire to enjoy sailing.

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