Sailboat on the Neuse River
Sailboat on the Neuse River

It was beautiful warm February weekend. After having a cold January, it was nice to enjoy a warm sunny weekend in the upper 60’s.  There were a few sailboats in the Neuse River (Oriental, North Carolina).  The winds were from the Northeast at 5 knots.

In the morning (23 February), I decided to walk to Lou Mac Park in Oriental to take pictures of the sunrise.  There were a few people out that morning walking about or ride their bikes. The “Bean” (a local Coffer Shop in Oriental), open at 07:00 AM on the weekend.  They were probably waiting for the “Bean” to open.  A lady mention she thought she saw a dolphin in the river this morning.  I inform her that you usually do not see dolphins until Spring when the water warms up.  When I got back to Whittaker Creek, I saw a sea otter in the creek.  From a distance, it could be mistaken for a dolphin especially without the first cup of morning Joe.

Sunrise at 06:45
Sunrise at 06:45

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