February 7th

The weather been extremely cold in North Carolina for January.  We experience extreme dips in the weather temperatures.  First there was the Polar Vortex in the first week of January,  then the up and down temperature swing.  Unfortunately, I have duty twice in January and both times the temperature been in the upper 50.  I also worked two week on a modify 3rd shift.  It is amazing at work how they will let another group take two weeks off the Chinese Spring Festival and New Year, while I have to work on Thanksgiving.

I just finish my 3rd shift on the 7th.  I was debating to take the three hours drive down or to stay local.  I had to run some errands.  When I completed my errands (around noon), I decided to head toward the coast.  I was planning on stay until Sunday.  They were forecasting for rain on Saturday (and it did Saturday morning).  There were calling for nicer day on Sunday.  I was hoping to start the motorcycles up and take them for ride. Unfortunately, Saturday afternoon turn out for the nice, and Sunday was cold and damp.

I had a nice time in Oriental, NC while it lasts.


Sunset at 17:32 on 7 February.
Sunset at 17:32 on 7 February.

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